Research Methodology

This study is a global effort commissioned by Google and conducted by independent third party research firms Ipsos MediaCT and TNS Intratest with the goal of gaining insights about smartphone adoption and usage by consumers. This research provides deep dives into the use of search, video, social and email behavior, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions. The survey was targeted to the private smartphone user, in each country surveyed, who accessed the mobile internet on their device.

Three waves of this research were conducted. Wave 1 surveys were administered March - July 2011 and Wave 2 was administered January - March 2012 and Wave 3 was administrated in January - February 2013. For Wave 1, sample sizes were 6,000 in the US, 2,000 in Germany, UK, France and Japan, 500 in Indonesia and Malaysia and 1,000 in each other country surveyed. For Wave 2, sample sizes were 1,000 for all countries except Ireland which had 700 and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE at 500. For Wave 3, sample sizes were 1,000 for all countries except Ireland at 900 and Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia and Malaysia at 500. The survey data was collected in all countries via an online questionnaire. Weighting procedures were applied to the collected sample data along key variables of the smartphone population in each country. The variables necessary for weighting were collected using telephone interviews in all countries surveyed.